Why DentCare Aligners the No 1 choice for Dentists

04 April 2024


DentCare Aligners were launched in 2015 and have continually evolved since then because of their aesthetically appealing way of straightening the tooth and as a result DentCare Aligners have produced exceptional results, without being overly obvious during the course of treatment.

It is no surprise, dental patients are becoming more concerned with the aesthetics of their dental work. In line with this trend, metal restorations have been replaced by metal-free restorations. Now metal-free alternatives have gained popularity for crowns and bridges.
Patients are more beauty-conscious than ever before and they increasingly demand orthodontic therapy that elevates the aesthetic appearance of their smiles. The aesthetic sense of people, especially among youth has induced a transition from metal restorations to the metal-free and conventional braces to advanced Aligners.

Orthodontists may be reluctant to use aligners in their practice as it is an expensive appliance but aligner therapy opens the opportunity for orthodontists to expand their patient base and helps attract more number of patients, especially those children and the youth to orthodontic correction who would have never come for the therapy due to the comparatively unaesthetic look and unfriendly nature of traditional brackets.

DentCare Aligners are made available upon the orthodontist's requirements and are a series of clear, strong splints that are invisible, comfortable and removable. They will never stand in the way of your eating habits, as they can be easily taken out and inserted into the mouth by the patient themselves.

Besides, aligners ensure perfect oral hygiene, as they can be taken out while cleaning the tooth and they can be inserted into the mouth, after cleaning and rinsing them. Thus, the aligners will remain bright, clear and hygienic.DentCare Aligners are an excellent orthodontic tool and an alternative for all those patients who want to do orthodontic treatment but do not want conventional braces.

DentCare Aligners have special advantages compared to the aligners of other companies. These aligners are manufactured using the 3Shape Scanner – the best Model Scanner in the world apart from utilizing the best design software along with the best 3D model Printing System.

More than that, DentCare Aligners are manufactured with materials imported from Germany. DentCare provides the 3D model free of cost to the patients, with the set of aligners. This enables the orthodontist and the patient to see the transition of the tooth, in each stage and even the end result before the commencement of the treatment.DentCare also provides a kit along with the aligner, containing: Wear Schedule – instructions for wearing the aligner, Patient Manual as well as a Cleaning Brush and Box for keeping the aligner when it is not in use.

DentCare has its own Aligner Team; a team of highly trained and skilled technicians who ensure that the final finished product is of the highest quality and precision.
You must always seek the advice of an Orthodontist to know whether the case is suitable for aligner therapy. Only a specialist will be able to guide and help you with proper case selection.After which, the impression, photographs and Orthopantomogram (OPG) of the patient should be sent to the lab. It is then very easy to find out the treatment plan and also to provide the aligner precisely as expected. Therefore, case selection is the most important and inevitable part of aligner therapy.An important thing about DentCare Aligners is to ensure that the patient is wearing them to obtain the desired outcome.

Just as in conventional orthodontics, aligner treatment requires retainers to preserve the correction performed by the aligners. Failure to provide suitable retainers at the end of the aligner treatment may result in relapse.

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