Day-by-Day Aligners Demand is increasing worldwide.

11 December 2023


An individual's facial appearance has a lasting impact on them. Unacceptable dental appearances have frequently been linked to detrimental effects on one's ability to advance in one's career, accept oneself in peer groups, and self-image.

Developing nations like India are having difficulty eradicating a wide range of oral and medical conditions. The primary cause of this is the poor execution of preventive dental healthcare initiatives, which require a solid foundation of epidemiological data development of malocclusion.

An increase in the population's prevalence of malocclusion cases, which encourages a rise in the use of clear aligners, is one of the main factors anticipated to propel the growth of the clear aligners market. Furthermore, an increasing interest in cosmetic dentistry is anticipated to fuel the market's expansion shortly.

As per a report from MedCrave, malocclusion rates in India have been reported to range from 20% to 43%. Between the ages of 5-9 and 10-13 in New Delhi (Central India), there is a range of 34 to 91.6% for class I malocclusion, and from 66.7% in the desert state of Rajasthan (North India) to 49.2% in Bangalore (South India).

The most recent study on the global clear aligner market was released by Growth Market Reports. Primary interviews and secondary research methods were used to compile this study. Throughout the projected period of 2020–2027, the market study offers comprehensive insights on product pricing and trends, market drivers, and potentially profitable prospects. It also discusses the hazards and difficulties that businesses encounter in the market.

Studying the dynamics, patterns, and motivations underlying the anticipated expansion reveals an engaging story that shows development and success in the orthodontic market. The stage is set for an era of significant development and impact, from developing consumer preferences to technological advancements

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